Cemeteries also tells the story of many!

Submitted by gpinet on Sun, 03/25/2018 - 10:09

In 2002, I became aware that a fellow genealogist, Rick Legere, was also researching the descendants of Jacques Léger dit Larosette. As part of his research, he had started publishing pictures of Leger tombstones on his website. These pictures were from cemeteries in southeastern New Brunswick and from the Cumberland county in Nova Scotia. It didn't take long for me to propose that we partner in this effort and cover all cemeteries that include tombstone of Leger and/or Pinet descendants. This partnership has been lasting ever since. Unfortunately, Rick no longer publishes his data on the Web.

Our collection of tombstone pictures has now more than 4 000 images. Many of the captured tombstones tell very interesting stories.

I have started to include parts of this collection on my genealogy website. Pretty much like everything else, it is a work in progress.

These tombstones can be consulted here, http://leger.genacadie.ca/ui18.htm. All cemeteries can be consulted by accessing the "sources" under the "Indexes | Index" menu at the top of the page.

For now, the following Leger and Pinet related tombstones from the following cemeteries have been added to the website: Acadieville, Adamsville, Bas Caraquet, Cap Pelé, Dieppe, Grande Digue, Hardwood Ridge, Lincoln, Moncton (Elmwood Cemetery), Richibouctou Village, Rivère du Portage and Saint Paul de Kent.

Picture of the tombstone of Winnifred Dupuis, husband of Gerald Leger
©2004 Rick Legere
Winnifred Dupuis wife of Gerald Legere


Picture of the tombstone of Léo Pinet and Philomène Pinet
©2004 Gilles Pinet
Léo Pinet and Philomène Pinet

The two tombstones included here are of Rick's paternal grandparents, Gerald Leger and Winnifred Dupuis and my own, Léo Pinet and Philomène Pinet.

All of this information has also been included in the update of the genealogy site (http://leger.genacadie.ca). The site now contains 70 947 related to the Leger and/or Pinet families. 53.34% of the data has been revalidated.