Is Arthur Donald Ledger a descendants of Jacques?

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Official Notice of Marriage for Arthur Donald Ledger & Leona Evelyn Drake
Vital Statistics from Government Records (RS141)


Who is Arthur Donald Ledger? This mystery begins with a Notice of Marriage. Is he a descendants of Jacques Léger dit Larosette? Is his family name an anglicized version of Léger or Légère? Why would a couple born and living in the Aroostook County, Maine get married in Woodstock New Brunswick? For this last question, maybe it's because he was Catholic and she was Baptist.

Official Notice of Marriage

According to the Notice of Marriage available from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Arthur Donald Ledger married Leona Evelyn Drake June 9th, 1955 in Woodstock, NB. They were issued marriage licence #33881.

The Official Notice of Marriage #2277 provide the following clues:

US Social Security Death Index

A search in the US Social Security Death Index on, indicates that Arthur D. Ledger was born March 24, 1932 and died October 21, 2007.

1940 United States Census

Since Arthur Donald was born in 1932, it should be possible to locate him in the 1940 US Census.

The 1940 census does confirm:

  • Arthur is indeed the son of Maurice and Irene.
  • It also informs us that Maurice Ledger is 35 years old, making him born about 1905 in Maine.
  • The census also list 3 brothers for Arthur: Robert, Joseph and Richard.
  • The family was located on Haggerty Rodge Road in Littleton (Aroostook County), Maine.


Now, I needed to figure out who are Maurice's parents.

Maine Vital Records

The Maine Vital Records (on FamilySearch) indicates that Maurice Louis Ledger & Irene B Kiley (as spelled in the index) were married February 17, 1930. Unfortunately, no parents are mentioned. Interestingly, they were married in Houlton (Aroostook County), Maine.

The question remained. Who are Maurice Ledger's parents?

1930 United States Census

I located Maurice & Irene Ledger in this census.

The 1930 census provides the following information:

1920 United States Census

I was able to locate Maurice in this census.

The 1920 census provides the following information:


The 1920 and 1930 census seem to indicate that Maurice's mother might be Harriett or Hattie? He may also have a sister named Beatrice. Unfortunately, we still don't know his father's name.

Maine Vital Records

In the Maine Vital Records, I found a marriage between George Donnelly and Harriette Ledger. In this record, we learn that this is Harriette second marriage and she was born a Savoy. This marriage occurred November 29th, 1917 in Houlton, Maine.

This seems to point to the fact that Maurice's mother is Harriette (Hattie) Savoy. It also points to the fact that she was previously married to a Ledger.

1910 United States Census

I was also able to located Maurice and his sister, Beatrice in the census.

The 1910 provides the following information:

  • Beatrice Ledger (8 years old) and Maurice (4 years old - making him born about 1906).
  • They are the children of Arthur A. and Hattie Ledger.
  • Arthur A. is 42 years old, making him born about 1868.
  • They were located on North St in Houlton (Aroostook), Maine.

Research Status

If  I put all of the information that I collected so far, I have:

Arthur Donald Ledger is married to Leona Evelyn Drake. Arthur Donald was the son of Maurice Ledger and Irene Keiley and Maurice Ledger is the son of Arthur Ledger and Harriet (Hattie) Savoy. 3 generations of Ledger's but still no connection to Jacques Léger dit Larosette. Let's keep digging.

Maine Vital Records

At this point, I realized that Arthur A. Ledger died before November 29, 1917 (Hattie remarried on this date) and after the 1910 census. I started searching for a death record and found in the Maine Vital Records, a death record for a certain Arthur Leger. He died November 18, 1910 in Houlton (Aroostook county), Maine. His death occurred in the county where is family has been located for at least 30 years. 

The death record also indicates that Arthur Ledger is the son of Amos Leger and Marcelline Leger. This sounds like the same Arthur Leger/Ledger who married Hattie Savoy, but lets keep looking for further evidence.

Searching once again in the Maine Vital Records, I found the birth records for Maurice Louis Ledger and Beatrice. I also found the marriage record for Arthur Ledger and Hattie Savoy, they were married February 23, 1897. It indicates that Arthur's parents are Amos Ledger and Mary.


I conclude that Arthur Donald Ledger is a descendants of Jacques Léger dit Larosette. He is the great grandson of Aimé Léger and Marcelline Léger.