My Grandparents Léo Pinet & Philomène Pinet, Médard Léger & Elizabeth Bourque, Livain Cormier & Anita Dugas

Submitted by gpinet on Sat, 08/04/2018 - 08:36

This week I was able to completely revalidate the data for all the descendants for my six (yes six) grandparents. Why six? When my grandmother Elizabeth Bourque died, my mother and her siblings were young. Since my grandfather Médard had his children when he was relatively advanced in age combined. He decided to return to is home village where he could get assistance from friends and family to take care of his family. So at a young age, my mother moved from Moncton to the Caraquet area and lived with the family of Livain Cormier & Anita Dugas.