Where are you Bourque cousins?

Submitted by gpinet on Sat, 08/11/2018 - 12:15

Now that I have completed reviewing the families of my grandparents, I moved up one level in my family tree. The more I move up, the more downward branches I need to explore. This is exciting!

Edmond Bourque & Célina Vienneau
Edmond T. Bourque & Célina Vienneau

My current focus is on the descendants of my great grandparents, Edmond T. Bourque & Célina Vienneau. I believe that my mother was named after her grandmother. Combining my mother's research and mine, I have now added and reviewed the descendants for their first 4 children: Tilmon Bourque & Cresence Bourque; Zoël Bourque; Edouard Bourque & Sarah LeBlanc; Hélène Bourque & (1) Adolphe Cormier (2) Alyre Melanson. I don't pretend that my research about my great greatparents is complete, but what I published so far has all of the proper sourcing.

As always, keep following my site, keep sending me corrections and new information. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Today's update to the site brings the following statistics:

83 554 related individuals
49.10% of the data has been revalidated