2018-02-24 - Genealogy site updated

Submitted by gpinet on Sat, 02/24/2018 - 15:39
Robert Anthony Legere
Robert Anthony Legere Sr
Karly Kristjonsson
Karly Kristjonsson
Marcella Jeanne Harris
Marcella Jeanne Legere

This week a mystery was solved.

I received a very generous email from Gerald Legere. He pointed out that I had wrong information concerning his grandfather on my genealogy site. After analysis, I had confused two Ernest Legere.

Gerald's great grand father is Obey Legere, son of Hilaire Léger and Marcelline Robichaud. He was born August 20th, 1883 and was baptized in Barachois August 26th, 1883 as Hilaire.

This correction allowed me to add details about several descendants of Obey Legere, including Robert Anthony Legere Sr. (1935-2011), his wife Karly Kristjonsson (1931-2011) and his sister Marcella Jeanne Legere (1936-2013)


All of this information was included in the update of the genealogy site. The site now contains 70 789 names connected to the Leger and/or Pinet families. 53.11% of the data has been re-validated.